Ubuntu 8.10

I installed Ubuntu 8.10 as beta on my Lenovo x200 and nearly everything worked out of the box. With kernel 2.6.27 I did not expect anything else.

The only thing that seems not to work is the camera (funny though: the camera in the t400 is working without problems). Everything kept on getting more and more stable over time.

Still, for some odd reason I am expecting more from the intel video card. Still having trouble with World of Warcraft (Wotlk) because there are graphical glitches and it even freezes the whole OS sometimes. I have not tried any other game which needs 3D, but I am hoping that newer releases of mesa and the intel driver may improve things.
However, I guess that this means to wait for 9.04.

The wireless is working pretty well. Just yesterday I was downloading rather many files over short period and my internet link was fully used. That also means that the wireless connection to my AP is working rather well. I had some troubles earlier on, but they seem to be fixed or happen to occur less often.

However, I am not happy about the overall performance with Ubuntu 8.10 and I am really hoping that 9.04 will bring some improvments…


I am not very experienced in all the configuration with linux. One of them that gives me headache all the time is about the encoding (UTF-8, ISO, etc.) and the keyboard-layout (german, swiss german, us, etc.).

Now, I found out that I need to manipulate (tried on sidux, but should work on ubuntu and debian as well) three packages to ensure that my swiss-german keyboard layout is used on the ttys and within the graphical window system.

I used the following three commands (with root or sudo) and chose the “correct” stuff to make it work with my swiss german keyboard:

dpkg-reconfigure locales (choose only the necessary utf-8 stuff)
dpkg-reconfigure console-data (swiss german latin it is)
dpkg-reconfigure console-setup (swiss german latin it is)

I was asked the “right” questions to ensure that my language and my keyboard layout will work.

This blog entry is mainly for me to remember and all of you who just might to get a starting clue to get things done…