Another flying experience – Cimber Sterling

There I was a couple of weeks ago trying to find a suitable flight from Zuerich to Copenhagen for the Head of Contingent Meeting starting on 1st of April 2011 in Malmö.

While browsing the possible flight using I found a rather cheap one with reasonable price from Cimber Sterling. Never heard of that airline actually, I sitll booked it. Ebookers told me that it appears to he part of Canadair which seemed surprising, but well…nothing is impossible.

When I checked in yesterday, I was told that I have to pay extra for my backpack. 21 CHF (or 15 Euros) was it.
You can imagine I was rather surprised.
Additionally I had to go to the other end of the airport I actually never was and I had to take the bus…which is not a big issue, but rather unusual for me though.

Good part was, the plane was rather small (so more flight experience) and it was nearly empty. Only about 25 people were flying at this time. So plenty of space left to stretch the legs and put bags.

I hope that the flight back will be as empty as the flight to Copenhagen…I am just a little bit unhappy that I have to pay again for my luggage.

So, in conclusion…I payed basically not much less than taking SAS or Swiss (because if my luggage), but had a rather good flight. Not sure yet if I will take Cimber again because of the luggage price (next meeting is covered by Resia, the flight to the camp will not go over Cimber as I have tons of luggage).

However, its a flight experience more :)