The first day…


Had a good start on the 21st of July…got up in the morning (without rain) in Switzerland, took a full train to Zuerich Airport and checked in. To my big (pleasant) surprise they just asked me to pay 45 CHF for additional luggage (where I was expecting a LOT more as I had more than 5 kg more luggage than allowed).

Then I was actually quite surprised that the plane was actually fully booked. Well, not that it mattered (I was lucky, got an aisle seat), but I hope for them that on my flight back home no one has to sit next to me ;)).

When we arrived the baggage reclaim was delayed which made me a bit nervous as I had to catch a train from Copenhagen to Kristianstad. But not a problem, the booking system for the train ticket worked like a charm for me and I was sitting in the train towards Kirstianstad.

After a short while I met two scouts (IST) from Honduras. As we met I told them where I am from (Switzerland, obvisouly) they started to ask me question about Sweden. After a half hour I clarified again that I am Swiss, not Swedish for that matter…and as I was expecting, they thought first I am Swedish…and surely started to wonder why I could not answer anz questions about Sweden 😉
So yes, that does happen!

I got a pick up from the station (Thanks Sarah for driving and Hanna helping organising) and a short shopping tour at ICA.
After that I could pitch up my tent in the light and without rain, thanks for that too.

So, yes…quite a good start even though the weather did not look promising.