So far, so good…

Well, in every Jamboree there are things that do not work as they are intended or planned to.

For us I guess there are the weather and the issues with the food houses. The challenges with the IST being not on the job or actually having too few of them are very present as well.

The weather could definitely be better. To be quite honest, I never had such a bad weather in my entire international scouting experience. While it rained once or twice in some camps (World Rover Moot Sweden in 1996 or 2004 in Taiwan) it never did for a longer period of time.
Of course, there is nothing we can do. Apparently we just have bad luck with the summer. Fortunately it does not affect the motivation of the participants too much.

The food houses have a lot of issues at hand with the cashier system, food deliveries and waste water management. I am confident it will be sorted out sooner than later. Hanna, Mats and the Food House Block team are doing a great job here…against all odds!

There are too few ISTs. Too few in every aspect. We would need more! And there are plenty who are here which do not show up properly for work. That is a pity and makes me think if there is some sort of rethinking the whole IST thing necessary.. However, I think this issues is and was present in every Jamboree I attended.

Well, in conclusion:
We have to deal with tons of smaller things and…knock on wood…major issues did not arise so far.
The Head of Section (Hanna and Mats) and all other people involved in the Blocks are doing an amazing job. They will be so tired after the Jamboree, but they do not give up. I really feel honoured to work with them!