Day two, tomorrow it starts…

Getting up at 5 am was easier as I expected (and I was surely happy about this). When I arrived at the meeting point I was introduced to the gentleman who works with the company where those toilets come from.

Two ladies joined in, one being a “volunteer” like me (the only thing being volunteer on this job was on which day you actually do it) named Kibiz and the other being in charge of this particular job, trying to find out what is still needed and how this finally will work named Murmeli. So the gentleman used the pump to get all the stuff out of the toilet (I could have written shit, but that is just one ingredient of that stuff) and we had to clean them and refill the blue watery stuff back.

This went rather well in my opinion even tough we needed about twice the time necessary due the lack of equipment like towels, buckets and such. But Murmeli, being patient, noted our suggestions.

We then went on to one of our first meetings of the Village Globale getting some vital information on how all this will work and what is still needed to be done here. So we started to help all the institutions and associations and NGOs (and GOs) to get their stuff into their tents where their workshops will be held.

My GO (called DEZA) arrived at about 10:30 and I was able to help building up the workshop I was supposed to take care of. We had quite a good time even though things could have been a bit faster. At about 4 pm most of the workshop was up and running. Though we had some troubles with the laptop and beamer, especially with the latter one, as the tent being white let in loads of light which is usually okay, but not if you intend to show something on the wall with the beamer…

In the evening we enjoyed the opening ceremony at UL0 with the Bula-Big Band playing (just great!) after which most of the people went to the opening ceremony of the near UL1. The opening ceremonies included fireworks which were launched by all subcamps all around (nearly) synchronised and which where visible quite far away (well, we had some fog around, so…).