Lets get it on…

Now, on day three of me being at the Contura, our workshops were supposed to be up and ready. Today the first participants arrive and we had/could to check out if our worksop actually run as supposed to or if they need any tweaking.

The frist meeting at 9:30 am was again with general information and the usual questions. At about 10 am we were able to get to our tents to prepare the workshops. At 11am, pretty much on time, the first run could be started.

This day was a bit special as we were visited by the older participants. I bet those people are either easier to motivate or at least will not make any troubles if they are bored by all the things we are telling them. At least we could determine if there are any flaws in the concept or if there is anything missing.

For our workshop it went rather well, I think…still a few little details we had to sort out, but so far nothing major. Let us hope with the double amount of people and them being younger that still applies.

The meeting after all the shifts with all the leaders of the workshops (including scouts and member of the according NGOs alike) was actually rather funny. Apparently it seems harder than expected to adapt to the way of scouting or improvise if something is not actually exactly working like planned. There are a few particular people (member of NGOs) who pretty much need to get into the flow and just try to be flexible and improvise instead of hoovering all over the Naura, Taiga and Tinka (those three being in charge of all the activities and processes within the global village).

Most of the requests are simply ridiculous as they either mean to rearrange the WHOLE subcamp and its times and schedules or they address a particular problem which needs to be solved within the workshops or NGO rather than in a general manner. Well, they will soon enough realise how things will work (and how they will not).

TheĀ  weather was being promised to get better, but it was delayed by one day….but better later than never I’d say…;)