No, it did not…

…break loose.

We finished our day pretty much on time and were able to close down our tent at 4pm this afternoon. After that we enjoyed each other company at the workshop-leader meeting.

But first things first:
As we expected there were many many people more arriving at the workshop this morning and we gladly accepted the challenge to entertain them.
We soon found out that 45 minutes of brain working stuff (reading, thinking, and so on) is not as funny as other work shops, especially when all of your friends at the work shops around have fun running and moving around.

That said, the workshop is not bad, there is a lot of information to gather and there are actually many kids really interested in the subject. But still, it might be a bit more physical for them.
So we decided to start the game outside in a circle trying to show them a few things about our worlds balance of wealth (or inbalance thereof) before showing them a presentation on the beamer. After the intro they are supposed to work on the different stages of the workshops on their own (us being at service if anything is too difficult or more information is needed).
Now that will be shortened and a game will be introduced. They need to run around a pole while balancing a potato on a spoon and carrying a (rather light and fake) sack of potato.

We still need to figure out how we manage to make this a bit more challanging and bit more fair for all of them, but we are working on it and I am sure we will find a solution to this.

Like in the last few days I met lots of other old friends who I have not seen in a while. It is great to have you all around again and I am really looking forward to spent a few more days with you all.

The mail delivery system works pretty well. There are many people working at the “Post” who collect mail from the subcamps or actually deliver the mail (including our subcamp, of course). Funny thing is, that many faces at the “Post” are actually well known….seems that this work is really something everyone wanted…;)

Weather still fine, even though pretty windy and therefore might getting chilly as soon as the sun sets. However, I am far from complaining. It is beautiful. Only problem so far is the heat and the direct sunshine. Where shade should be available to all 2000 participants waiting for the workshops, water still seems to be an issue. The lab still did not clear the water completely, even though it already can be drunk (at least no one who did died so far ;)).