Saturday, half of the camp already past…already sunday

It is already sunday as I write this, so…well, we past over the half of the camp (at least for me that is).

Yesterday we had our usual day of workshops, this time with some more troubles. The participants were pretty cheeky and quite demotivated. However, not all of the workshop leaders could confirm this. Probably I just got unlucky.

The weather was tremendously hot and actually very sticky. A thunderstorm was imminent, at least we thought so. Clouds built up and it looked pretty bad, but it actually rained only a few minutes in the evening.

Nevertheless our interational team party was great and we really enjoyed the company of each other, the cake and the acts. Was really funny, thanks!

Now, today I woke up by the sound of rain. It was not terribly bad, but still…not entirly welcome (even though we have a cool day now). It already stopped raining, but the clouds are still there, so we might get unlucky again today, even though the sun peaks through the coulds some times.

Well, I hope I can get a bike to go to the subcamp four to visit my scout district which appears to have built some wonderful constructions and got famous with the Mission Magdalenas. In the same subcamp (if I am not mistaken) there will be a special day organised by Georgian scouts.

Lets see what the day brings…