I dislike mondays…

…sounds less harsh than “I hate mondays” even though latter is actually true.

Got up at 5am to make sure to be at the right place by 5:30am to check wether two chaps showing up. These two gentlemen were supposed to help emptying the toilets on our subcamp. Well, to put it mildly, only one showed up and I had to help myself.

While this is not much of a problem, it is just bothering me that people forget to make your duty, especially if it is just meant to be ONCE in the whole camp.

Well, whatever…I have the chance to complain a lot more, because I will do this very supervising job until friday. I just got a phone call telling me that there is actually a meeting with the people supposed to help emptying the toilets the day before at 8pm. Just got there and met one of them who was willing to call me if there are any problems (and lets me sleep otherwise) which is superbe!

Thanks a lot for that.

I will get up early enough to “supervise” the cleaning shift in the morning anyhow..

But actually, I am not supposed to complain or to nag about this. I am really not!
There is always someone doing those kinds of work. This time it is me among a lot of other people. So, I will do it as best as I can to make sure things are done right (or at least as best as they can be done).

The weather outside changed from very hot and damp to a bit chilly and quite stormy. I hope my tent will survive this wind. However, I am more concerned about all the famous constructions out there made by scouts who might be put down just because of the wind.
I hope nothing happens….