Stormy weather

Yesterday night the weather started to turn against us, at least it may seem so.

Until now (well, from monday to sunday that is) we were blessed with rather hot weather and sunshine. One might say that it was too hot and too sticky, but at least it was good weather.

Yesterday night wind came up and reached a rather critical power. I have been told that most of the subcamps had to put down the larger constructions and we, at the staff camp, had troubles with our tents as well.

It started at about 7pm and actually went on the whole night until now at about 11am. Sometimes it rained, sometimes the wind blew pretty hard. Fortunately both happened only a few times simultaneously. Quite a lot of people had troubles and had to put down the tents, at least in the beginning. Some were even so unlucky that they were pretty wet this morning and had to change their tent.

My tent is fine so far – only a few small leaks – and I hope that my old “playground” manages to survive this camp.

I have been told that this storm was not the only one we will encounter during the contura, so I stay cautious and hope for the best…;)