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Hi there, my name’s Stefan.

Welcome to my little humble website all around scouting, IT and me. This might sound a bit egocentric, however, this is what you get if you stumple upon a website like this…

I am member of the Swiss Guide and Scout Association (german: Pfadibewegung Schweiz, french: Movement Scout de Suisse) since early 1986. Within those years I was a cub scout, a scout and a rover when I eventually was honoured to take responsibility for smaller and medium sized projects.

If you wonder why the website is named Toomai, it is easy to explain. In Scouting in Switzerland (at least in most parts) it is common to get a nickname or “scout name”. This name is usually given to you by your leaders after a year or so as a cub scout or brownie and lasts a lifetime. In some groups you will get renamed when older and that will be the name that marks you your whole life.

However, please do not ask me what or who Toomai exactly was. I am still trying to figure out if it is the name of an elephant or a imaginary human being living in the jungle (see: Kippling).

Well, one needs to earn money. I do that by working with computers. I graduated IT engineer from University of Applied Sciences in 2006 after three years. I am mostly working with linux (RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian), web-based applications (Apache, DNS, Tomcat), some virtualisation software (ESX, Virtualbox) and with security based stuff (firewall, web application firewalls, proxies, etc.).  That is why you might find a few IT-related things on this page as well.

This page is dedicated to all people I met during my time in scouting who I never saw again – some of them died – and, of course, to those who I met again in other camps. I am honoured to have made your acquaintance.

Enjoy the gallery and the posts, hope they might help refresh your good memories of the corresponding event.

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