Another day…

I got up a bit earlier today to take a shower and to try to buy at Spar. To my big surprsise I was able to take my first warm shower (yes, indeed, warm water) which I – of course – enjoyed quite a lot. Spar opened at 7am, which was rather unexpected, so I did not have to wait at the entrace, but coud walk in and get my stuff I wanted (there werent even a lot of scouts around).

After the usual meetings at the morning with information and more or less important questions we head for our workshops to prepare them. It was an usual day with the usual motivated and not so very much motivated young people around.

In my opinion we had great weather even though I was a tiny little bit concerned about the kids running around without any hats or other sun protection. I do not want to know if they drank enough water, but I could image that some of the kids were pretty much spent in the evening and had a rather uneasy sleep.
The sun was quite strong and the wind was disguising this pretty good. Fortunately the water was not cleared for drinking, so water itself was available to all of them.

The meeting in the afternoon or evening was very efficiently organised. Even though some of the usual points were discussed we were able to finish rather early. Today the “red circle” opened their workshop for another hour, so the other NGOs were able to have a peek what we are actually doing. It would indeed be rather pitty not to see what happens all around us.

In the evening I enjoyed theatersports at the stage of subcamp one. I bumped into a friend and we spend the evening talking, loads of other (old and new) friends joined in…like the good old times…;)